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How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads)

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads) – Those who love watching movies must have been so familiar with Hulu. This is streaming platform that can be accessed from your browsers. It provides many kinds of videos, films, and also TV programs. This is so popular because various programs can be found in this platform. Its library can provide you with a lot of options to find.

However, Hulu has ads, and this is quite annoying. That is why people look for how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads). The ads can disturb watching experience since you have to watch the ads and you can do nothing about it. That is why it is good when you are able to skip the ads.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads)

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads)

The ads appear since it is made by the Hulu. These are needed as a way to gain profits for this platform. Therefore, basically you cannot skip them. Even, it is able to say that you are not allowed to skip it. These mechanisms are also found in other platforms.

However, it does not mean you cannot do tricks to skip the ads. There are always accesses to block or skip the ads. If you do not want to get disturbed by the ads anymore, these options are great to consider.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads) With Some of These Steps

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App  2021 (Block Hulu Ads) With Some of These Steps
How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads) With Some of These Steps

Well, those ads are made by this platform. Those are not just unknown ads that will interrupt you or suddenly appear from nowhere. Some people may be fine by having the ads since they are patient enough to get annoyed while enjoying the program or movies.

However, if you are not so patient to watch every ad appearing on your screen, you will need these tricks. These tricks can be helpful for you to solve the ads. Although there is no guarantee that these mechanisms or tricks will work well, this is worth to try since you are able to get a chance to skip the ads.

  1. Update your subscription

In your first experience, you have access of free trials. By having free trials, you are able to watch most of the programs and films in the library of Hulu for free. However, when its time is done, you will not be able to watch freely anymore.

Moreover, in the free trials, there are usually some programs and contents that you cannot access. This is how the platform make you want to subscribe and pay for those services.

Although you have made subscription and pay monthly, it does not mean that you are free from ads. If you want to get freedom from ads, you only need to upgrades your account or subscription.

Of course, this requires you to pay more. However, this is the easiest way to be free from those annoying ads.. Yet, you must pay and this is why people look for alternatives.

  1. Use two tabs

This will become the first trick to try. As what is mentioned above, it is quite difficult to get rid of those ads without updating your subscription. It is because those are source of income for this platform.

If you want to remove it, at least you provide alternative income for Hulu. However, it does not mean that you have no alternative of how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads). In this case, you will be able to do this by using two tabs in your browser. This is tricky but it works well so far.

  • Access Hulu in your browser and choose program that you want to watch.
  • Open new Hulu in different tab and choose the same program as what you choose in the first tab.
  • In your second tab, you can mute its sound and try to fast forward until you are several seconds before the ads. Since it is muted, this will not give any sound.
  • Go to your first tab and enjoy the program that you choose.
  • When you find ad in your first tab, go to the second tab and un-mute it. Then, you can access your first tab again.
  • Although you do not watch the ads, the second tab do the job so it is counted as watching the tab and this is good since you have skipped it.
  • By doing this, there will be no interruption to worry about.

This trick requires your patient and it will also need good internet connection since basically you are opening two tabs and those are streaming at the same time. Without good connection, you may not be able to watch comfortably. Even, you may need to reduce the quality of your streaming.

  1. Reload the page

The third solution of how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads) is to reload the page. There will be chance when you watch long duration of ads. The commercial advertisement can be more than 3 minutes and surely this can give you bad mood in watching the streaming.

In this case, if you want to use the other trick, you only need to reload the page. It is true that what you need to do is to reload the page. This step is very easy to do since it is like refreshing web pages. You do not need to worry about your streaming.

After you reload, you do not need to watch from the beginning of the video. Right after it is done reloading the page; you will go to the point in which you reload it. This is very helpful and useful.

This trick will not make free from ads. Reloading is to avoid the long ads. That is why you still find short ads after the reload process. There will be two ads but these will not be more than a minute. Of course, it is much better than seeing 3 minutes or even longer ads. When it is still less than 1 minute, it can be tolerated.

These tricks of how to skip ads on Hulu app 2021 (block Hulu ads) can work well. You can choose one of them to deal with the ads. Of course, if you have money, It is better to upgrade your subscription.

This is the most effective way and you will not need to do any tricks at all.  These are totally easy to handle. However, if you are fine with those steps of skipping the ads, you may try them. They are free to try so it is worthy your time.

Other Methods to Know About How to Skip Ads On Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads)

Other Methods to Know About How to Skip Ads On Hulu App  2021 (Block Hulu Ads)
Other Methods to Know About How to Skip Ads On Hulu App 2021 (Block Hulu Ads)

Those are not the other tricks of how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads) to choose. You still have other options to choose. These can be good chances to try. For these two other tricks, these are quite different from those steps above. These require you to use apps or extensions installed in the browser or PC. These are also worth to try if you are annoyed by those ads.

  1. Enounce MySpeed Software


Enounce MySpeed Software is the other option to choose. This is a software or application, so you must download it before you get its function. This is very useful to use, but it is not to remove the ads. Enounce Software to fast forward any ads appearing to your streaming access.

That is why it is not just for the case of Hulu, but it may work for other streaming platforms where you find commercial ads. This is useful solution of how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads).

You must download this before you use. You can find the apps from many sources in the internet. To avoid any malwares, you can scan the downloaded file before you install and run the app.

Then, this is basically paid app, but you will get free trial for 7 days. it is good to try and if you feel that you are helped by it, you may find crack or generator to unlock its services. It is in case you do not want to pay for its service in fast forwarding the ads.

  1. Ad block Plus

The second app is Ad Block Plus. This is not software, but it is extension. This can work for Chrome browser, so it is recommended to use it for accessing Hulu. As the other extension, you are able to download it and run it in your browser.

This is good solution. Although it does not remove the ads or prevent them to appear, this works by showing black screen. It means that you still find ads, but you will not need to watch the annoying scenes. You will only find black screen.

This is good to use combined with the previous app, so you are fast forwarding black screen. Those are some solutions to deal with ads in Hulu. Basically, upgrading the subscription is the best way to remove commercial advertisement.

The other tricks are not to remove them, but those work by several ways in dealing the ads. These tricks need your patience since those are for free. However, all of these solutions of how to skip ads on hulu app 2021 (block hulu ads) are worth to try.

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