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Getting Ready in the Morning Helps when You Have a Nice Makeup Mirror and Bright Lights

I have a friend who has thick natural hair. She could be the one who donates to people so they can have hair extensions and still have a full head of hair. Me? Well, I have hair like my mom and grandma. However, I still look good because I use my natural hair extensions every day. They only take a couple of minutes to put in, and they give me a confidence about my looks that I just do not have without them. I wear them to work every day. I actually get compliments on my hair. The hair extensions are made from real hair, so there is no synthetic look that gives them away.

There are tricks to learning how to blend your hair extensions into your natural hair. It can take you a good half hour to get ready that first time putting them in. After about a week or so of using them will have you putting them in quickly. They will almost be an afterthought with no worry about getting ready even if you are rushed some mornings getting ready for work.

I have a spot on my dresser where I keep my natural hair extensions. Having a nice mirror with a bright light is very helpful. My husband bought me one of those makeup mirrors with lights that is a piece of furniture. I set at it and get ready to go out every morning. The bright lights are very helpful when putting in the hair extensions. I probably would be able to do it in front of the mirror in the bathroom, but it would take a few extra minutes. The blending part is the tricky part. After you get the extensions in, you need to blend them out with your natural hair. It just takes a little practice.

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