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Easter Eggs So Well Hidden You’ve Probably Never Seen Them

There are however a couple games that take it a little…further than your everyday hidden cow level (if you haven’t checked yet, yes it’s real and it will wreck you). Here are some of the most convoluted Easter Eggs ever uncovered and completed.
Battlefield 4 – A uniform

Battlefield 4 has a specific uniform that was only available to the dev team of the game – and a few fans so dedicated we worry for their health. In one of the stages, you will find a pillar with a skull on it. After you stand next to it for a while, the lantern above starts flickering in a set pattern.
This pattern is Morse code…in Belarusian. That was not the puzzle as you may have guessed, but just the announcement that there is one. In another level, there are 7 ridiculously well-hidden switches you need to flip in order to turn on 20 lanterns at once. For reference, one of the switches can only be accessed via helicopter after you put explosives on a tree to blow it up.
Let’s say you did that and all the lanterns are on. After tapping a keypad, we get another Morse message that tells us to go to a different map and sit behind a rock. This is where it really goes off the rails. You’ll hear a low pitched sound effect.
In order to solve this puzzle you need to record the sound and edit it with external software until you end up with song lyrics. If you’re hoping for a never-released Beatles song, we have to disappoint you – all you get is a bunch of numbers and an equation. If you solve it you get another Morse code message that sends you to yet another map where you can pick up your prize. Or so we’ve heard because we haven’t done it ourselves – we gave up somewhere around the third Morse message…
We suspect joining the dev team to get the suit may be less work in the grand scheme of things.
Gears of War 3 – Beards

It is a universally accepted fact that with the exception of hipsters, everything looks cooler with a beard. Gears of War is already pretty manly, what with the chainsaws on the guns… but if you’ve caught yourself thinking the game is running low on facial hair, there’s a solution. It’s not an easy one – at all – but it is possible.
Set your game’s difficulty to Insane and play the prologue mission without ever losing sight of Dom Santiago. Easy right? Well, no. But if you manage it, you’ll get to enjoy the game with some sweet beards. And if that’s your thing (We’re not judging) you’ll be particularly happy to hear that this affects even the women.
Still not enough beard for you? Don’t worry there’s more. We’re thinking the devs might be compensating something here, but it gives us these sweet beards so we can’t complain. How would you like it if the sun had a beard? Not a rhetorical question.
In the multiplayer map Clocktower there are 4 statues holding books. In a somewhat simple twist, simply shoot the statues in the face and watch the grow a beard. They’ll briefly catch fire, and when they have revealed their facial hair, look up at the sun. Very manly. Our only complaint is that we can’t have beards on the chainsaws. Then again, maybe there is a way and it just hasn’t been found yet.
Multiple games – hidden animals

This one isn’t limited to just one game, it’s a bit of a trend. In various games you’ll find hidden secrets relating to animals. From cow levels to Silent Hills Robbie the Rabbit (never has a rabbit been creepier!), they are everywhere…and yet sometimes oddly hard to find. In Saints Row 2, there is a giant purple bunny. Never come across it? You wouldn’t normally. If you travel to a tiny island in the middle of the mists, you may be able to find this giant plushy. You’ll have to run around a little on the island (it’s more of a rock, really) you’ll eventually see the rabbit rising from the deeps. It’s pretty huge so don’t worry about missing it when it appears.
Gears of War has an animal Easter Egg too – a golden chicken. Unfortunately, said chicken does not sport a beard. It makes up for it by being gigantic and ridiculously aggressive though. It’s human sized and spits fire…but if you defeat it, it will explode into some pretty flowers. This is one that you’ve probably seen if you’ve played the game and assaulted a few too many chickens.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent has one of our favourite animal Easter Eggs. In a secret Co-Op mission, you have to rescue five seals from imprisonment. That’s right, not Navy SEALs, but actual animal-seal babies. The quest is hilarious and weird, and it actually wasn’t discovered by fans at all – a couple years after the game was released, the devs told people about it. Those poor seals awaited rescue for over four years!

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