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Cornerstone Discount Codes, Promo & Sales

If you go online to shaving subscription site Cornerstone* via our Blagged link, you can get its full box of shaving supplies, including a personalised chrome-plated razor handle, for £19 delivered – shaving £17 off the normal £36 cost of the set.

Important: This is part of a subscription, so you’ll be enrolled into an ongoing paid-for service, but you can cancel any time and if you do it early enough, you won’t be charged for further deliveries – see how to below.

This offer, which is only available if you haven’t signed up to Cornerstone before, ends at 11.59pm on Wed 1 Aug, or sooner if all 7,000 go. There’s no code needed, the discount should already be applied.

What’s included in the set?

The shaving set (pictured, click to enlarge) comes in a Cornerstone branded box. The set includes:

  • Personalised razor handle and cover
  • Six five-blade razors (norm £14 separately)
  • Oil-free face wash (norm £6 separately)
  • Pre-shave face scrub (norm £5 separately)
  • Sensitive shave gel (norm £6 separately)
  • Post-shave balm (norm £5 separately)

While this isn’t the cheapest Cornerstone bundle we’ve ever seen, it’s the cheapest that is currently available and we think at £19 delivered it’s a good deal.

When will it be delivered?

Delivery should take two to five working days and the box is designed to fit through most standard letterboxes.

Cornerstone subscription and how to cancel

When signing up to Cornerstone, you’ll be enrolled into its subscription service. You choose the delivery schedule when signing up – either every six weeks or 12 weeks – however, you can change the regularity (including delaying deliveries), change which products you’re sent, or cancel at any time.

If you do nothing, you’ll be sent the same shaving set (minus the razor handle) but the charge will be the normal £36 cost of the box each time it’s delivered – so if you don’t want this, remember to cancel or change your delivery preferences as soon as you’ve got your discounted box.

Cornerstone says it will email you five days before your next box is picked for delivery, giving you a reminder that you can cancel your subscription, or delay or amend the delivery up to two days before your next box is sent. You can cancel via your Cornerstone online account – go to the ‘Delivery Schedule’ section and select ‘permanently cancel’ to stop your subscription.

What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone has been offering its shaving supplies since 2014, and delivers to 170,000+ customers. As part of its subscription service, you can always update which shaving supplies you receive, or delay deliveries. Cornerstone has been reviewed on and when we checked, had scored 4.52 out of 5 from 2,003 reviews.

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