We Both Enjoy Living Here in Stone Oak

My husband and I looked at Stone Oak apts, and we both fell in love with the Regency at Lookout Canyon apartments because of everything that is included. My husband liked the fact that there is a garage there, as we had never had one at any of the other three apartment complexes that we had lived at. He also liked what the community features are, because he is a social butterfly. I am fine with that, even though I prefer to stay in and read a good murder mystery myself.

There were things we both liked though, like the pool. It is large and so relaxing, and we never have to fight through crowds to get in it. That was one of the reasons why we didn’t swim often at the last apartment we had. At this one, there are so many things to do that no one place is ever really crowded. There is also a health club on the premises, and that is something that we both take advantage of too. He loves the clubhouse because he has met some nice people there. When he gets bored, he’ll go down there and end up playing a game of pool with someone or a game of cards.

For me, I am content to stay in the apartment when he is off socializing. There is a balcony that is nothing short of amazing. It provides a lot of privacy, so I am able to lay out there on my lounger and read a good book or just do some people watching if there is anyone in the pool. We are even allowed to have pets here. We don’t have any, but we had been talking about getting either a kitten or a puppy. Maybe we will get both now that we live here!


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