Tutoring Has Made Him Change His Life Goals

When I told my wife that I was signing our son up for a JC physics tuition program, she was supportive of the idea. We both knew that he was doing his best, but we also knew that it was just not good enough this time. We are not overbearing parents at all. It is quite the opposite. Our son pushes himself so hard, so we were just trying to get him into a program that would actually help him rather than frustrate him like his current class was doing.

I had looked at many because there is a prevalence of tutors in this area. We could have had gone a few different ways with this. The first was to have a tutor come to our home and teach our son however often he wanted or needed. The second was to have our son go to a private tutor, so basically the same thing but just not at our house. We ended up going with the third option, which was Mr. Chee. He has group tutoring sessions throughout the city, and there is one that is just a few blocks from us.

His lessons are very intense, but the students learn a lot more this way because they are interactive. They are not required to just sit and listen to a lecture. They are actually a major part of the contributions, and they end up learning not only from Mr. Chee but from each other too. Our son was excited to try this, and he was not disappointed with it. He ended up getting the A that had been avoiding him on his practice exams. In fact, he saw an entirely different side to physics, and he has changed his goals for what he wants to study in college because physics is much more interesting to him now.


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