Relocating for My New Job

I just got a new job and I was so excited. I had gone to school for years so I could work in the computer field and I graduated a few years ago. I had done some grunt work in preparation of a real job. I decided I simply wanted to get my feet wet in the field so I could see what it was all about.

I wanted to work in Toronto, I loved the area. I decided to look at the Toronto real estate just to see what was available. I know most people found a job and then a place to live, but I wanted to live in a place I was comfortable in. I found several houses I loved and knew that Toronto was where I wanted to be.

I was finally ready to work in my field in a real career that offered me a lot of money. I applied for several jobs all over the place. I was really anxious and hoping that I would be able to work in the area I loved. I was going to be picky at first. I had a job, I did not love it, but it was work. I needed to find a job that offered me more money and responsibility. My mom had the best idea. She said I should talk to the company I worked for and see if they had anything for me. I did talk to them and they said they did not have anything. I was a bit disappointed. My boss came back a few days later and said they were creating a job just for me and that the president wanted to talk to me and we could work on creatingg the position. I was really, really excited. This was going to be great.


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