Just Bought a Little Hobby Farm

I am going to retire early in about a year and a half. I will still be in my early 50′s and so far I am in pretty good health. Sue and I have just now bought a little hobby farm. For now we can not do much. Both of us have a pretty long commute from there to our jobs and so we just have a few chickens, a little herd of goats and a rather large garden. We went ahead and signed up for a Texas ADT security system and the monitoring. We are both going to be away for big parts of the day and this place is well off the main road. If some guy decided to break in and rob us, no one would ever see him unless they happened to wander in off the highway. So a good security system seems like a very wise investment right now.

The farm used to be part of a large ranch. There is an oil well on the Southern property line, but they did not sell me the mineral rights. That still belongs to some other person. It is about 30 acres total, but a lot of it is not all that useful for my purposes or any other. There is a man made lake which takes up about three and a half acres and a marshy little creek runs in and out of it. From what I can gather every time it rains all of that marsh land expands and becomes a wide shallow creek. I could probably dredge it out if I cared, but this makes for a nice habitat for the local wildlife and I am not going to destroy it unless I have a real need. I am going to have plenty of land for my immediate designs.


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