It Was Important That I Get Back to Where I Was Once Very Happy

Growing up in the southwest and my love for the area has never left me. It’s like no other part of the country. I still marvel how the terrain is incredibly different there compared to the opposite side of the country. I wanted to get back “home,” so I found myself casually checking out Rio Rancho luxury apartments late one night on my new computer. The more I looked, the more homesick I became. I had been living in one of the states that you often don’t hear about, and as boring as the area was, I knew exactly why people didn’t talk about it much. I wanted to back where people talk about the surrounding beauty as a course of everyday life.

When I was young, I loved all the different things that were constant symbols of where I spent time growing up. Coyotes, cactus, turquoise, Native American themes and more. I loved that I had a mix of friends from so many walks of life. I had Caucasian friends, friends from Mexico and Native American friends. I loved that the state of New Mexico is such a melting pot when it comes to people. It makes for an interesting and varied life. Some of my best friends have never left the state, and I was always sorry that I did leave.

While looking for a place, I found lots of places that interested me. But one place stood out immediately. I loved the stucco walls painted a medium brown to match the mountains in the city. I loved that you could open your window and look right out on a crystal blue pool. The rec room looked amazing, and I imagined having parties there. It felt like it was the right fit for me, and I appreciated that it called to me like no other place did.


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