Help out As Much As You Can

misa hayase lisa hayesI recently got a promotion and my entire family had to move. I have a wife, two sons and three daughters. It was a very sudden thing so we didn’t have much time to look for a new house, however we were able to sell our old house. I found a company online that says “we buy any house”. So I choose to sell them my house because it was a quick and simple process. However I think that selling my house wouldn’t have been to hard either way, it is in very good condition. After selling my house my family packed up our bags and took a nice long car ride to our new town.

Now that we are in our new town we are staying in a hotel for a few days while we find a nice house. We need a big house with at least six bedrooms and three bathrooms, I would also like a guest room and maybe a few more rooms in case my wife and I chose to extend our family.


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