Beach Living in the Northeast!

When my husband and I decided to retire after successful legal careers, we looked for apartments in Revere to find our last home. If it seems strange that we would toil most of our lives away in Massachusetts, make a lot of money, and then retire to Massachusetts, it is. Most of our friends think we’re nuts considering, and I’m not trying to brag, how much money we managed to sock away for the last several decades. We could have easily moved to a much warmer climate and spent our days lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun.

But we love the state, and Revere is a beautiful place. We just couldn’t see ourselves leaving our beloved Northeast. And while it’s definitely more expensive to live here, we love it and don’t mind paying the price. As for the beach, well it’s interesting because our luxury apartment is right across the street from a beach! In fact it’s America’s first public beach founded all the way back in 1896. Continue reading


It Was Important That I Get Back to Where I Was Once Very Happy

Growing up in the southwest and my love for the area has never left me. It’s like no other part of the country. I still marvel how the terrain is incredibly different there compared to the opposite side of the country. I wanted to get back “home,” so I found myself casually checking out Rio Rancho luxury apartments late one night on my new computer. The more I looked, the more homesick I became. I had been living in one of the states that you often don’t hear about, and as boring as the area was, I knew exactly why people didn’t talk about it much. I wanted to back where people talk about the surrounding beauty as a course of everyday life.

When I was young, I loved all the different things that were constant symbols of where I spent time growing up. Coyotes, cactus, turquoise, Native American themes and more. I loved that I had a mix of friends from so many walks of life. I had Caucasian friends, friends from Mexico and Native American friends. I loved that the state of New Mexico is such a melting pot when it comes to people. It makes for an interesting and varied life. Some of my best friends have never left the state, and I was always sorry that I did leave.

While looking for a place, I found lots of places that interested me. But one place stood out immediately. I loved the stucco walls painted a medium brown to match the mountains in the city. I loved that you could open your window and look right out on a crystal blue pool. The rec room looked amazing, and I imagined having parties there. It felt like it was the right fit for me, and I appreciated that it called to me like no other place did.


We Both Enjoy Living Here in Stone Oak

My husband and I looked at Stone Oak apts, and we both fell in love with the Regency at Lookout Canyon apartments because of everything that is included. My husband liked the fact that there is a garage there, as we had never had one at any of the other three apartment complexes that we had lived at. He also liked what the community features are, because he is a social butterfly. I am fine with that, even though I prefer to stay in and read a good murder mystery myself.

There were things we both liked though, like the pool. It is large and so relaxing, and we never have to fight through crowds to get in it. That was one of the reasons why we didn’t swim often at the last apartment we had. Continue reading


Searching for a Family Apartment

When many think about renting an apartment, they tend to think of single people or couples, but renting is appropriate for many families as well. It is a great way to try out an area to see if it is somewhere you want to live permanently. It is also a good option if you are just looking for a low maintenance option of living. Many options for renting apartments exist in the city of Atlanta, but there are also plenty of choices available in the suburbs. Apartments in Stockbridge and neighboring McDonough are especially good options for families with children. Though homes, especially larger stately ones, are often shown as suburban living, there are many apartment complexes as well in these areas.

When you think about renting an apartment for a family with children, one thing that comes to mind is space. Continue reading