Better Prices Through Online Searching

I wanted to buy a home security system to prevent my home from being burglarized, but I wasn’t in love with the prices being offered by the sales people. My neighbor told me that some websites can give me better offers for security systems than what the local sellers who would come door to door would try to offer. I took his advice and looked at some online offers, and found a much better deal. I wonder why the door to door salesmen were trying to sell me on higher prices, when it would have been in their benefit to offer lower ones that could match or beat the ones that were online.

Once I paid for my system and had it installed, I played around with it to see how I could activate it and monitor with it. I went for a full package that had not only an alarm, but cameras, and different sensors to look for noises and even smoke. Although I don’t see myself setting my home on fire anytime soon, there is always the chance that something could happen in the kitchen, or something in the garage could spark and I wouldn’t notice it until it was too late and the house was engulfed in flames.

My favorite feature of the system is the camera set. In the old days, people would have cameras, but you could only really monitor them while being at home, and if you wanted to record footage, you had to have a VCR setup that was quite clunky and used tapes that could only record a certain amount of hours. Now I can just use my computer or phone to look at the footage, and I can record it all on the hard drives that are available and rewind on the fly.


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