Beach Living in the Northeast!

When my husband and I decided to retire after successful legal careers, we looked for apartments in Revere to find our last home. If it seems strange that we would toil most of our lives away in Massachusetts, make a lot of money, and then retire to Massachusetts, it is. Most of our friends think we’re nuts considering, and I’m not trying to brag, how much money we managed to sock away for the last several decades. We could have easily moved to a much warmer climate and spent our days lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun.

But we love the state, and Revere is a beautiful place. We just couldn’t see ourselves leaving our beloved Northeast. And while it’s definitely more expensive to live here, we love it and don’t mind paying the price. As for the beach, well it’s interesting because our luxury apartment is right across the street from a beach! In fact it’s America’s first public beach founded all the way back in 1896. It’s a great place to stroll around and meet our neighbors. We enjoy telling people of course we retired to beachfront living and yes we did it Massachusetts. Why are you surprised.

As for our new luxury apartment, it’s marvelous. Spacious and very modern and we were surprised we got in right away to be frank. It’s that nice even for Massachusetts. It’s located near the beach, of course, but also many restaurants and places populated by the younger generation so my husband and I like that because we can pick up on their youthful vibe and feel a lot younger ourselves. Sometimes we pinch ourselves about how lucky we feel to be living in such a fine building and enjoying a vibrant social life. Many of our friends are privately jealous, I think.


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